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Need Help on An Existing Project?

I'd love to give you a hand! I can do any of the following tasks:

Just Have a Great Idea For a CLI/GUI App?

No problem! It will be my pleasure to bring your dreams to fruition. Simply describe the software you want and if I accept your project, I will work with you to bring your vision to life. To make efficient use of time, I will implement a minimum viable product in the D Programming Language using whatever dependencies I find helpful in rapid prototyping. I am also willing to lower the code to C and remove dependencies (even the C runtime) but only if you ask me to as it will come at the cost of a lot of development time and effort.

This service is available for Linux and/or Windows. The code will be structured such that adding new backends for other platforms is easy. I can do a cross platform backend relying on dependencies like SDL but I will not test on platforms other than Linux/Windows nor do I claim that any backend I write will work on other platforms.

I reserve the right to reject your project for any reason. For example, if your project would be illegal, inappropriate, or too large for one programmer, the project will likely be rejected.


I work with my clients via email correspondence, and I am willing to arrange video conference meetings over Google Meet.

Payment Structure

You may hire me for anywhere between $23.00/hour and $53.00/hour. These bounds are based on the average Systems Programmer Salary as reported by PayScale at the time of this writing.

You have the choice between being billed weekly or monthly. Billing will be done via PayPal. Taxes and PayPal fees will be calculated on a case by case basis. Your project may be rejected if I am unable to reasonably comply with your region's tax law.

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